Non-Profit Events

We are aware that non-profit organizations, charities and fundraisers are some of the hardest working people around. This being the case Skyline offers

7% OFF

for all non-profit organizations. If you are looking for a tent to rent for your event then Skyline is here to help.

Our tents are clean, white and in premium condition. We have a large variety of tent sizes and can accommodate almost all occasions. Our staff will guide you through the steps to deciding the perfect size Tent for your event.

Do not let the weather worry you. We have tents with window or solid side walls to protect you from the weather. We also offer heating and air circulation for your tent.

Tent flooring is available for covering an undesirable surfaces and keeping your guests feet dry. Carpet in a variety of colors is available to cover the wooden floor. Dance flooring is also available in almost any size or shape.
Nob Profits